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Saturday, November 14, 2009

St. Barnabas of Indiana

with V. Rev Archimandrite Thomas (Kazich)

The Central Indiana Orthodox Christian Churches and Christian Theological Seminary in Association with The Butler Catholic Community and the Butler University Center for Faith and Vocations


Inspiring Hoosiers: Living Holy Lives in Indiana 

Let those who doubt that Indiana is a sacred place come and hear stories of inspired living. Lecturer Father Tom Kazich introduces St. Barnabas of Indiana, born in our very own city of Gary, and explore the faith and inspiration that took St. Barnabas back to his parents’ homeland of Serbia, where he was persecuted by the communist regime for his courage to speak out against mass execution of Serbs for their Faith. Responding to Father Tom is Sister Marie Kevin Tighe of St. Mary-of-the-Woods, who worked for the canonization of Indiana’s other Saint, Mother Theodore Guerin. Ms. Lydia Bringerud of Butler University and audience members joined in discussing: “How do saints’ stories help us grow in sanctity?”

St. Barnabas (Varnava) of Indiana